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About Us

A platform for chefs & the industry

MINGCHU is a digital service platform, with focus on the growth of chefs and the catering industry. It is a space where chefs, restaurants, brand owners and suppliers can gather together.

Our Story

We rely on our parents' food at home, and enjoy chefs' sensory feast at restaurants. We are becoming the inheritors of the next generation of food culture.

However, our awe of the culinary arts is far from enough. Just as we always ignore the existence of chefs while enjoying delicious food, we always tend to forget: chefs who really understand the food are the chefs who work hard in the kitchen. If it wasn't for them mastering advanced cooking skills and understand the past and present of food culture, many of the food cultures today would have long dissapeared.

News and Data

We have accumulated a large number of top resources from accross the industry, and are timely providing global industry news, covering topics from global culinary trends to interviews with Michelin star chefs. Our goal is to provide chefs with a broader perspective and keeping them abreast of world culinary trends.

Digital Tools

We provide each chef with a professional platform to display their creations, and rely on digital tools to improve efficiency and imagination.

Connections and Interactions

We are committed to creating a community of professional chefs, connecting chefs from all over the world, using their creations as the medium to communicate, interact, inspire and innovate.

Diligence and Improvement

We provide professional promotion and career advancement for users, with Q&As, videos, skill trainings and guidances.
In the future, we will also focus on job searching, entrepreneurships, scholarships, chef brokerage, etc.

The Four Pillars of
Our Business

Since the beginning, we focused on the culinary industry, partnering with some of the industry’s leading organizations with the final goal to empower chefs.

A platform for chefs & the industry.
Join 720,000 Chefs Around the World.

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Building Chefs' Legacy



April 2007

We launched MINGCHU magazine, and our website closely after.

March 2014

We launched our WeChat Official Account, bringing a new reading experience for our chef users.

December 2015

We launched MINGCHU v1.0, aiming to create an open space dedicated to chefs and provide learning and communication opportunities.

June 2016

We launched MINGCHU v2.0 - a platform focusing on the online community of chefs.

December 2016

We launched the live streaming feature, bringing industry events and top competitions to chefs.

August 2017

We launched the trial feature, allowing chefs to try the latest products, and allowing partners to receive more direct feedback on their products.

September 2017

We hosted the the first season of the project Chef's Dream, a program aiming at providing theoretical and practical training for chefs who wish to open a restaurant. Nearly 100 people signed up for the program, and ten chefs were selected eventually to discuss with investors.

July 2017

We became Michelin's media cooperative in China. The Michelin Guide x IDEO Food Thinking Summit was held on July 4, and the "Celebrity Chef" conducted a live broadcast with the latest information


This is where our interest for the chef industry emerged.

Our History

February 2018

We entered the Thai market with a live streaming video in Bangkok on Thai specialties. This was officially the beginning of our exploration of the global layout.

January 2019

In cooperation with Bocuse d'Or, we live streamed the 2019 Grand Finale of Bocuse d'Or.

November 2019

In cooperation with Michelin, we live streamed Beijing Michelin Guide Press Conference, and followed-up with articles.

November 2019

We hosted CookBook Art Exhibition, combining food and art in Beijing. The event received extensive attention from the media and the culinary industry.

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