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We rely on our parents' food at home, and enjoy chefs' sensory feast at restaurants. We are becoming the inheritors of the next generation of food culture.

However, our awe of the culinary arts is far from enough. Just as we always ignore the existence of chefs while enjoying delicious food, we always tend to forget: chefs who really understand the food are the chefs who work hard in the kitchen. If it wasn't for them mastering advanced cooking skills and understand the past and present of food culture, many of the food cultures today would have long dissapeared.

MINGCHU respects the contribution and value of chefs, praises their contributions towards the promotion of food culture and human civilization.

Over the past ten years, we have been walking together with Chinese chefs on their journey to prove their potential and value. MINGCHU is dedicated to engage the vitality of the chefs' community, and enrich the connotation of cooking.

Next, we will continue to gain global insights on food, showcase global creations, create more opportunities and possibilities, and to promote the organic development of the culinary industry and the progress of the food culture.

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